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Adrian is a more solemn fae, his mind most often occupied with protecting the woodland folk. He sits and rests, but is always watchful, always mindful of his people.

Adrian measures about 5 inches in his seated pose. He has handpainted eyes and handsome features. He is a pure sculpt, created entirely without the use of molds, of my custom mix of polymer clay. His wings are flexible and removable, and he wears a faux suede loincloth, permanently attached. Adrian's body and musculature have been given special attention. Hands and feet are carefully detailed with nails.

I ship my sculpts in high-density foam, custom cut for a snug fit. I've found this to be the best method for keeping the sculptures safe and sound. This foam box is then packed with batting and styrofoam peanuts. Photos of the process as well as instructions for unpacking your sculpture can be found on my website, under "shipping."

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