Elegant Athena balances on one little toe.

She's paused just long enough for me to take her photo, and then she's off again.

Athena measures 6 1/2 inches from the bottom of her base to the top of her head. She has been meticulously

sculpted in polymer clay over a sturdy armature. She is a One of a Kind Pure Sculpt--no molds used.

She has the most lovely auburn angora mohair, swept up into a romanesque bun in back,

and her features are hand painted. Her skin has a slight, golden

sparkle, and her nails are nicely manicured. I love putting detail into these lovely ladies. Athena comes with

a wooden base, with a crackle-top I had fun creating. Her top is handsculpted and ornamented with beads. Her

skirt is made from silk gauze. Her wings are golden, translucent, and sparkle. They are very posable and removeable.