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Most accurate colors
Wing Detail
My husband was doing Tai-chi and moved into a position like the one above--so beautiful, I just had to sculpt it. So here he is.

Magestic Alexander stands nearly 9 inches tall, his arms outstretched, in communion with nature. He is sculpted from polymer clay over a sturdy armature of wire and brass rods, which balance him into his base. His base is still drying, so I'll post pictures of it on Monday. Alexander has hand-painted elegant blue, sparkling eyes, and sandy blond hair of Tibetan lamb. He was sculpted with careful attention to musculature and has been accented with heat set oils, making him lifelike. He wears a single malachite stone around his neck, and his loin cloth (glued permanently in place) is a faux suade with a silken gauze accent sash of forest green. Alexander's wings are a combination of clear irridescents and gold leafing. Hands and feet are carefully detailed with nails.