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Sweet Erin is a playful sort. She can hardly sit a moment before she's off exploring again. But if we're lucky, she's stay put a moment for you to get a good look at her.

Erin measures about 6 inches from the bottom of her stone base to the top of her lovely locks of Tibetan lamb. She has handpainted eyes and delicate features. She is a pure sculpt, created entirely without the use of molds, of my custom mix of polymer clay. Her wings are flexible and removable, and she is adorned in silk gauze and caspia. Hands and feet are carefully detailed with nails. Her stone base, from which she is removable, is included in the auction.

I ship my sculpts in high-density foam, custom cut for a snug fit. I've found this to be the best method for keeping the sculptures safe and sound. This foam box is then packed with batting and styrofoam peanuts. Photos of the process as well as instructions for unpacking your sculpture can be found on my website, under "shipping."

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