Well, it's Halloween time again, and I couldn't resist breaking out of fairy mode, and having some fun with a funny art doll--she's a hoot! Hope you enjoy her--Happy Halloween! -aprylian

Witchy Rose is a One of a Kind art doll, sculpted from polymer clay, without the use of molds of any kind. Her arms and legs are posable, and she comes with an extra flower and pumkin you can display however you wish. The flower in her hair is also removable. Rose's eyes are made from shiny hematite, and her firey hair is Tibetan Lamb. She wears a beaded necklace, and a sheer black dress. Her face and hands are intricately detailed and have been accented with heat-set oils and artist's chalk pastels. She's a novel piece to add to your collection, and her spunky grin can make anyone chuckle. Thanks for looking!

I ship my sculpts in high-density foam, custom cut for a snug fit. I've found this to be the best method for keeping the sculptures safe and sound. This foam box is then packed with batting and styrofoam peanuts. Photos of the process as well as instructions for unpacking your sculpture can be found on my website, under "shipping."

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